Harvard course – CS50

Lately , I enrolled myself in a free online course from harvard on ‘Introduction to Computer Science’. Well it is like starting from the very bottom and well, at this stage I stand as a pro in that. But still, I’m loving their lectures and also it teaches me how to introduce this subject to total beginner. Btw, I completed my first problem set. Made a little game by Scratch – a programming language by MIT : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/71808038/

Uday Upreti


My first webpage deployed.

After many problems and errors I finally deployed my first web app. It just saves the task you enter right now. But it’s a work in progress. Thank you Heroku for providing us free cloud servers. I was stuck on the database problem for a while, as I had to change the format to postsql from sqllite. And also, there was a problem with the script running. Also, to access the heroku servers you need a fast net connection to type commands in bash , and my mtnl sucks.
But in the end, Great Success!

Uday Upreti

Release of smoking bad.

Finally, after a week of hardwork , we released our first video. At the end, some hurdles came along, as 1 member got sick, and we experienced extreme difficulty in keeping up with the schedule. But it taught us valuable lessons , and we were able to complete it on time.

Do watch it, I hope it makes you laugh. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. And also share it and spread the laughter.
And also like our fb fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/Sarcasmuday

Uday Upreti

Making of Smoking Bad #1

This week was busy as hell with all the shooting of our first video as Sarcastic Retards. Even a 3 min video can be a lot of work, at least 15 shots for a single little scene. Then managing camera, dialogues, expressions, small details which makes the scene more funny. It’s a huge learning opportunity and is a lot of fun at the same time. I hope it comes out like we thought and make everyone cry with laughter.

Uday Upreti

First flyby of Pluto. #History

Tomorrow is a historical day for all space freaks like me. The New Horizon will perform the first flyby of Pluto ever. It was the fastest object launched from earth on Jan ’06. It performed a flyby of Jupiter earlier in it’s journey ,providing us with vital information. Tomorrow the mystery of our farthest neighbour and it’s moons will be revealed. Excited!

Uday Upreti

Bird rescue.

11050711_10204678929749210_5039124298018095568_oLOVE do exist and is stronger than anything in this world.
This happened today.
Dad found this baby bird lying on the streets. His nest must have been washed off in the rain. Anybody who tried to pick him up, his parents attacked them. Dad gave them something to eat to calm them down and picked the baby up, because he knew that he’ll be eaten by a cat in no time. He bought him to the roof and kept him in shade, thinking he’ll heal soon and will then return home. Gave him water and food. When we checked on the baby after a few hours, out of nowhere, his parents were there. I don’t know how they found him, they didn’t followed dad. It was something special. Now the baby is asleep under the shade, and his parents must have returned home. Maybe will pick him up in the morning when he is able to fly. Truly, the bond of parent’s love is something out of this world.
Goodnight little fella.

Uday Upreti

First post.

Till now....

I have been busy working on my To Do app for the Django workshop I am attending. 5/7 class and I’m able to build a website using HTML and JavaScript. Today I’m hoping to work on JS and JQuery, but it seems difficult with all the guest here because of puru’s birthday.

Also, we are planning to start a youtube channel like AIB, TVF…. Got some talented people and good ideas. Let us see if we can make the idea into something.

Waiting for 20th, July , as DU opens on that day and GSS will start it’s business and will hope to become something big. Damn! Too much to do!

My To Do app project is open source, please contribute to it at https://github.com/uday1201/todoapp.git.

Well, today’s class was just an exploration of the details of making up the django project. Doubts are there but everyone takes time to get comfortable with something new. I think ,I’m particularly doing well in this, but yeah it needs a lot of time and hardwork . You may have the best teacher but you only learn when u explore it yourself. And also have to make a web app till next week and have to submit it to the principal.

YouTube thing is taking shape now. Have to take out time for that too. Hopefully we will come up with a script till the end of this weekend. Buckle up!