Bird rescue.

11050711_10204678929749210_5039124298018095568_oLOVE do exist and is stronger than anything in this world.
This happened today.
Dad found this baby bird lying on the streets. His nest must have been washed off in the rain. Anybody who tried to pick him up, his parents attacked them. Dad gave them something to eat to calm them down and picked the baby up, because he knew that he’ll be eaten by a cat in no time. He bought him to the roof and kept him in shade, thinking he’ll heal soon and will then return home. Gave him water and food. When we checked on the baby after a few hours, out of nowhere, his parents were there. I don’t know how they found him, they didn’t followed dad. It was something special. Now the baby is asleep under the shade, and his parents must have returned home. Maybe will pick him up in the morning when he is able to fly. Truly, the bond of parent’s love is something out of this world.
Goodnight little fella.

Uday Upreti


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