First post.

Till now....

I have been busy working on my To Do app for the Django workshop I am attending. 5/7 class and I’m able to build a website using HTML and JavaScript. Today I’m hoping to work on JS and JQuery, but it seems difficult with all the guest here because of puru’s birthday.

Also, we are planning to start a youtube channel like AIB, TVF…. Got some talented people and good ideas. Let us see if we can make the idea into something.

Waiting for 20th, July , as DU opens on that day and GSS will start it’s business and will hope to become something big. Damn! Too much to do!

My To Do app project is open source, please contribute to it at

Well, today’s class was just an exploration of the details of making up the django project. Doubts are there but everyone takes time to get comfortable with something new. I think ,I’m particularly doing well in this, but yeah it needs a lot of time and hardwork . You may have the best teacher but you only learn when u explore it yourself. And also have to make a web app till next week and have to submit it to the principal.

YouTube thing is taking shape now. Have to take out time for that too. Hopefully we will come up with a script till the end of this weekend. Buckle up!


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