How Harry survived at the Forbidden Forest?

Well, this question has got me scratching my head for some time now.FYI, I haven’t read the books and my theory is based on the movies alone. We all knew Harry was a Horcrux and when Voldemort killed him, he also destroyed a part of his own soul. But how did Harry manage to survive the killing curse for the 2nd time?¬†First time when he was a kid, Lily Potter protected her as a shield and the curse rebounded. However, the second time the curse did got to Harry, and it killed the part of Voldemort Soul but not Harry’s. Why?

Well, there’s one theory that when Harry died (kind off) he meets Voldemort’s part of the soul (dying) and Dumbledore. Here the image of Dumbledore is said to be a part of his own soul, meaning that Harry was also a Horcrux of Dumbledore (There is a whole theory about Dumbledore’s Horcruxes). And this part of Dumbledore saved him. But I’m not convinced.

I think it was the Ressurection stone. But he threw¬†that before his face off with Voldemort, right? Let’s see.

In this scene, if we look closely, we can see the stone turning 3 times in Harry’s hand. It is not making sense yet. Wait till you see the next video.

It was said in the “Tale of 3 brothers” that when the 2nd brother turned the stone thrice in his hand, he was able to recall his dead lover. Spare attention to the phrase “TURNED THE STONE 3 TIMES IN HIS HAND”. That’s what Harry did before he was killed by Voldemort. It was the Ressurection Stone that gave him the choice to return. Did he do this knowingly or unknowingly? Who knows. But that’s my theory.

Tell me in comments about your views on this and what is your theory.