Why Indian men are like this?

Under the light of recent events, I was motivated to meticulously pen down my thoughts and try to encounter the reason behind this fiasco. We all are ashamed when such incidents happen in our society. And it is even sadder when some illiberal people tries to justify them. But why such psychology prevails in the mind of Indian men.

I think it all starts from school when a girl-boy interaction is prohibited by parents and teachers. As a boy, we were said not to be seen with a girl. We still hesitate to confront our relationships of any kind with a girl to our family. This makes our mind to think that a girl-boy interaction is something negative or forbidden (at least till marriage). This connection gives the male-female interaction a negative tag. Now, if you were to do something negative, like a murder or robbery, will you be concerned with the ethics of the method you opt to do it. NO! What you are doing is already illegal/negative, soo it doesn’t matter in what way you do it. Same thing happens here, with the negative tag to this male-female interaction, a man doesn’t hesitate to opt wrong methods to get female interaction, like eve-teasing, groping, rape, etc.

And where this inspiration come from? First, from their home (I’m talking about those conservative families), where women are treated like objects. Then a big thank to our Indian Cinema for portraying all the negative ways to get women. Our illiterate and imbecile part of the population have these “STARS” which they follow, and they copy everything they do on screen impetuously.

Parents need to talk to their sons about to how to handle their sexuality. They need to teach them the sanctity of male-female interaction. We have to build up a positive feeling in our children about this interaction. We can see in western countries, their cinema and parents promote a healthy outlook to male-female interaction. And hence guys try to approach girls in a better way through positive dialogue and then try to seduce her in a non-misogynist way.

So now, we are the ones to fix this. We need to educate and aware people about this issue. We have to develop a positive atmosphere about this subject and only then, can these misogynist acts will stop.


5 thoughts on “Why Indian men are like this?

  1. Very thoughtful and we’ll written.
    2 things.
    Male-female interaction is not necessarily portrayed as negative by our elders. In most families the intention behind restricting it is to teach respect.
    Sadly, the youth, under influence of movies, as you said, tends to misunderstand.

    Also, emulating the West isn’t probably the best solution. Yeah, guys approach girls more easily, more positively, but the culture there is so relaxed that nobody takes things seriously. Marriages don’t last. Relationships change faster the opinions of Indian politicians.
    Sure, we can learn some things from the West, but it’s no paradise.

    Keep writing! 🙂

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    1. True. There is some misinterpretation I think. When I said it is portrayed negatively, I referred to those conservative families and people.
      And I’m not idolizing the west. I’m not fan of it. I’m just taking an example to portray the contrast bw the two cultures.

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  2. Inspiring enough but it’s gonna take at least a generation gap or so to change the very psychology of society on it.
    Good work keep writing and inspiring.

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  3. Nice premise. But when you say that doing something that is projected as negative in society encourages its indulgence more, it is startling . You would expect the majority of society to stay away from something that is universally condemned.

    Perhaps lumpsuming charges on bollywood “STARS” for disorienting the “illiterate and imbecile ” public maybe a bit unfair. After all lack of education seldom means lack of judgement, and films are but a mirror of times we live in and need not preach moral inference.

    Still, nice work Uday, we need more articles like this in the public domain to curb this menace. (an understatement)


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