“All girls are raped”

This statement was said to me by a girl who contacted me yesterday after reading my last post on Suicide Awareness. She expressed herself and told me she wanted to commit suicide as her 2.5-year relationship has ended. I was trying to listen and console her, was trying to make her understand the bigger picture. I knew she was in that phase where she won’t listen to anything, but I was trying everything to distract her and telling her my stories. And suddenly I was telling her about a girl I was with a long time ago. She was divorced as she was raped by her husband. But her reaction to this was “Atleast, she was raped after marriage”. I was like what the fuck. I couldn’t respond for some time and then she replied “ALL GIRLS ARE RAPED”

I didn’t quite understand till she shared her experience of being molested when she was 4-5years old and raped by her classmates when 16 years old. I went numb. I was disgusted of even myself. I knew no possible thing to say to her. Then as I thought I realized that the last girl I was with was also molested when she was 12. Then it hit me hard, do all girls go through this. And it has pestered my brain. I can’t think of anything else. Can’t do anything and neither can stop me from feeling guilty.

I don’t understand what it is with this society? How such malevolent creatures are born?

Her ex physically abused her for being a rape victim and doubted her guilt in the act. FUCK! But she still wants to go to him because she thinks that no one would accept her as she is a rape victim. I guess she has been hanging with monsters since birth. Her own family doesn’t support her after knowing what all she has been through. I feel so sorry and horrible for her.

The only reason that there are male and female are to reproduce. We all are humans. What is between our legs doesn’t define you as a human. It shouldn’t label and restrict you.

Since the evolution of humans,  females were given the responsibility of reproducing and nourishing the offspring. It was a sedentary job. Whereas males were meant to hunt and protect, thus males were genetically more physical. But we have come a long way since then. Humans have built a society which compares people in terms of intelligence rather than physical strength. So why do we still care about the sex of the other person? How does it matter that whether I have a vagina or a penis between my legs? I’m a coder and I do my job with my fingers and my head.

Also, for women to do manly stuff is considered as a compliment. But if a guy does something even remotely related to a woman, he is less of a person? Seriously! You know what, if you think like that, FUCK YOU! Who is the one to decide roles in terms of gender. It’s an invalid criteria.

We need people to change the sick view they have about women. For example, menstruation is so frowned upon, like ewww, what’s that blood and mucus? Well, if your dad didn’t have sex with your mom, you would also be dispensed as the same mucus and blood. It’s what forms into a human and you find it gross. You can change the diaper of a baby with sick smelling shit, but if you spot a used sanitary napkin, you treat it like a nuclear waste. Embrace the menstrual cycle of the woman, it is something extra she has to go through to make sure assholes are born in our societies. Support them, make it easy for them, to ease their pain. They already have cramps, just don’t be another pain in their arse.


Picture credits – Gaura Lohani (Gaura.lohani@yahoo.co.in) and Sagarika Behl (Sagrikabehl@yahoo.in) 

I just want to say that we some boys are with you. Speak against the crimes done against you, don’t loose hope and don’t break. We need to identify these victims and support them emotionally as even their own families don’t invest much in them because PARAYA DHAN. Seriously Fuck!

As for the girl, she feels disgusted and thinks that no one will accept her because she is a rape victim. I have been with a rape victim, it doesn’t matter. It is her bad luck that she grew up between the scum part of our society.

So I want you guys to leave a message for her to tell her how beautiful she is (I’m not saying she looks beautiful, but that SHE IS BEAUTIFUL). That none of it was her fault and she deserves a life much better than this. I’ll show it to her and then maybe this will put a smile on her face.


One thought on ““All girls are raped”

  1. Hi to the beautiful girl he talks about!
    First of all, please believe that this is coming from the unfathomable depths of my heart and I mean it.
    I know it’s pathetic, and that it’s an equally difficult thing, what I am going to ask you to do.
    Please, calm down, stay there, take a seat, sit down. It’s okay. Please calm down.
    I know that you’ve been wronged but, tell me, do you believe in Karma? I do, and I know that Karma is going to rape those assholes in near or far future. So, please stop thinking about them. Leave them at the mercy of the Universe.
    And as for yourself, please, I know it’s very much difficult, but please ACCEPT YOURSELF. That’ll be your blessing on your soul. Please, stand up, take a shower, wear your favourite dress and step outside. People might stare, people will stare. Please don’t let it put you down. If you’re in Delhi, go take the metro, go somewhere. And please avoid that God forbidden, “Ladies Coach”, even if it’s empty. I say this, because that Ladies Coach is the root of all our problems. Yes, it is.
    That false sense of security, is the root of all the problems. Please accept, that you don’t need that security anymore, that you are not to be put in a golden cage anymore.
    Take the general coach, you’ll find that it’s more comfortable there. Yes, people are staring. But they were staring on the way too. People stare a lot. But have you tried looking back in there eyes? Just, for once, trying staring them, right in the eye. You’ll see your discomfort reflecting from their eyes. You’ll see, you can manipulate the way people look at you. Try blending in. I know how hard that can be, but please try. Try to take a stance like you normally did. Please believe that there’s no place on a girl’s body that holds a label saying, “Hymen intact” or “Hymen ruptured”. You’re no different, you’re one of us, yet you are unique in your own way, like everyone. Please don’t put yourself in isolation,for your mind might rot there. Please step up, explore all those fresh spheres. CERCA TROVA baby, whatever you’re looking for, whatever you desire. You’ll eventually find everything falling in place, you’ll find everything you’ll ever want, even love. CERCA TROVA. All you gotta do is, Believe and Accept yourself.


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