Shattered Life

Beautiful ❤️

word porn for soul

Well contemplating the consequences

and clinging on defunct railroads of my memory lane

and walking around in this empty parking lot

I wish i could have got back my senses

and from all the hurt i would have refrained

and your love did i sought

“No you will not go down that road again”

I averred.

Now my brain was traumatized and heart was grief stricken

“Do you need to feel all that again?”

I questioned.

But the heart was silly and my heartbeat quickened

For that one second of sunshine of you love

I will go through you

Oh shattered life.

For that one second of your love

bear it through

Oh Shattered heart.

For that one ray of hope

that I’m clinging on

Oh Shattered dream

Once it was my life

Now just muffled screams


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