The demonetisation move!

This move by our beloved prime minister has bewildered everyone. There are mixed reactions, as expected. So what’s the conclusion here?

We all have been crying out about the black money for soo many years, and now when someone has finally taken a step towards it, we can’t tolerate the inconvenience. Shameful! We all write status and cry about politicians corrupting the nation, but when someone takes a step against it, we accuse him! Hypocrisy!

A step as big as this will surely have some effects. When your house is under renovation, don’t you face inconvenience? Right now, the whole country is. When the Delhi Metro was under construction(still is), didn’t you faced hours-long traffic jam? Yes. But see what came out of it.

Such a drastic step was needed and of course, we have to support Modi. Even God can’t change the country without our support, he is still a man, trying his best.

Yes, our Economy will take a hit. But sometimes to execute a long jump, we got to take 2 steps back to go the distance. The effects are short term , the result will be beneficial in long term.

Now, some are arguing about the accidents occurring. Where were you when the innocent people and army men were killed in Kashmir?  The stone pelting and attacks have gone down drastically. Also, in India, 22,500 people die every day. And if we assume that even 1% of our population is out in banks, 225 people can die among them(hypothetical). Only the focus of media on these people has led to the observation of deaths. It’s not like they are killed, like in Kashmir. These are natural deaths. Of course, ill people should not stand in line, that’s why the number of accidents is negligible.

There is chaos. But we have to handle it well, being the educated ones. Modi was trying to get everyone to open a bank account from soo long. It was a long overdue step. Also, he was in favour of increasing the use of plastic money. It all goes with this decision.

Even it is written in Chanakya Neeti, that to minimise corruption (you can’t end it, it is impossible) the currency in circulation should be changed every 10-15 years. Guess what, it’s not something out of the blue.

If you can’t bear this inconvenience, then your lazy ass has no right to cry when you face corruption. At least now I know the people who really want this country to progress and who all are just a bunch of cry babies.